Character Analysis Lenina

Although she may not acknowledge it, Lenina rebels against her conditioning for sexual promiscuity, the belief that “every one belongs to every one else.” At the onset, she is continuing an unconventionally long and exclusive sexual relationship with Henry Foster. Even in returning to normal sexual behavior, she again rebels, […]

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Summary and Analysis Chapter 18

In a lighthouse outside London, John undergoes purification for “eating civilization.” Fasting, whipping himself, and vomiting, John strives to exorcise the guilt he feels for Linda’s death and his horror of sexual contact with Lenina. Reporters, film crews, and then crowds intrude on his privacy. When Lenina herself approaches him, […]

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Summary and Analysis Chapter 12

Meeting with John and Bernard, Helmholtz reads an anti-social poem he has composed. This reading inspires John to read Shakespeare aloud. Helmholtz’s initial delight at the poetic language turns to laughter and ridicule when Shakespeare’s ideas about love and sex clash with Helmholtz’s own social conditioning. Analysis John’s preference for […]

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